Strong Ethics, Better Business About EVOLUTION PR

Evolution P.R. is a communications business founded by Liesl Simpson. With her public relations (PR) and Information Technology (IT) background, she leads the company as a quality-focused PR/Communications provider, specialising in the areas of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and industry.

The diverse and fast-paced world of ICT and industry requires the timely and accurate delivery of information and news to those who are the decision-makers and purchasers. Evolution P.R. offers an excellent service at a cost that displays remarkable value. Evolution P.R. is a small business that provides personal attention to its clients; ensuring deliverables are met with both care and attention to detail.

Evolution P.R. stands out among its competitors through the central ideal of creating a valued relationship with its clients and its willingness to "go the extra mile". Evolution P.R. aims to continually renew the perception of goodwill and value that is so often seen only at the beginning of the corporate-PR relationship, yet lost so soon after.