Services Offered

Evolution PR offers a media relations service that results in media exposure for its clients. How do we do this?


Evolution PR Strategy

Evolution PR conducts a strategy session in order to outline the clients' company position, offerings, target markets, target audiences, vertical markets, a SWOT analysis, differentiators, key messages and activity ideas, angles and concepts for the first three months of the campaign. This forms the basis of the campaign going forward and enables Evolution PR to generate press releases, opinion/thought leadership pieces, case studies, media interviews etc.


Media Information | Thought Leadership | Case Studies | Sales Wins Press Releases

Evolution PR takes a tactical approach to raising its clients' profile and creating awareness of their offering. Article ideas include sales win announcements, success stories or case studies, company news such as accolades, opinion pieces/trend articles/thought leadership pieces, highlighting pressing business issues and how they can be addressed.


Evolution PR Media interviews

Besides our press release campaigns, our objective is to profile our clients as well as their business value with the media through one-on-one interviews with key journalists and editors. Through media interviews Evolution PR assists to build strong relationships between the media and its clients, creating top of mind awareness for them.


Evolution PR Feature participation

Relevant features are highlighted as opportunities to setup interviews with media, ensuring that the spokespersons are perceived as 'go-to' experts in their industries. Evolution PR drive participation for their clients either through written submissions such as Q&A's, opinion pieces/byline articles as well as interviews where appropriate.


Evolution PR Roundtables

Evolution PR motivates appropriate spokespersons to attend relevant roundtables hosted by publications, resulting in media exposure.


Evolution PR Media Attendance at Events

Relevant industry events are highlighted and where appropriate, spokespersons are recommended to speak. In cases where the client hosts the event, media will be invited to interview spokespersons on newsworthy topics addressed at the event.


Evolution PR Social Media

Get social...get seen. Evolution PR extends the value of its media relations across the relevant social media platforms. The appropriate platforms are identified, established and content is generated that is aligned with the company's goals, providing the company with visibility to a wider audience, assisting to position the company, attract new business, highlight the organisation's intellectual capital and the value it delivers.


Evolution PR Annual Review

After a 12-month period, Evolution PR compiles an annual review in order to assess the success of their clients' campaigns.