Evolution PR is a Public Relations (PR) and Communications focused service provider founded by Liesl Simpson. With over 20 years in the PR/Communications industry, Liesl leads the organisation, instilling a culture that is committed to meet deliverables whilst ensuring all activities are quality-driven. Evolution PR specialises in numerous B2B industries including Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Industry, Insurance, Temporary Employment Services (TES) and more.

The diverse and fast-paced world of business requires the timely and accurate delivery of information and news to those who are the decision-makers and purchasers. Evolution PR offers an excellent service at a cost that displays remarkable value. Evolution PR is a small business that provides personal attention to its clients; ensuring deliverables are met with both care and attention to detail.

Evolution PR stands out among its competitors through the central ideal of creating a valued relationship with its clients and its willingness to “go the extra mile”. Evolution PR aims to continually renew the perception of goodwill and value that is so often seen only at the beginning of the corporate-PR relationship yet lost so soon after.


Evolution PR is a public relations company that started conducting business in March 2004 and is owned by Liesl Simpson. The company offers a quality-driven, public relations service to businesses in a number of sectors.


Evolution PR’s primary service is to provide a quality-driven, media relations service for businesses in South Africa and Africa. Press releases, opinion pieces, case studies, sales wins and interviews with key journalists and editors form the main thrust for disseminating information about clients and reaching the intended target market. Online journals are used extensively as media distribution channels, as well as national print media where necessary.

Evolution PR extends the value of its media relations across the relevant social media platforms. The appropriate platforms are identified, established and content is generated that is aligned with the company’s goals. In doing so, Evolution PR provides the company with visibility to a wider target audience, assisting to position the company, attract new business and highlight the organisation’s intellectual capital in addition to the value it delivers.

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